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David D Duncan

I am retired and receive appx. $40,000 yearly retirement and of that amount I must pay almost $11,000 for medical insurance for my wife and I.
Can I deduct medical and if so how do I do it if I am not itemizing my taxes. This will be my first year of doing my taxes myself. Thanks for any help, Also which turbo tax software would be best for my situation?


Every year, we are subject to AMT. This year, we have an opportunity to participate in an employer's income deferral program. Will only the actual salary paid (not earned) be the basis of the AMT calculation? Or do the rules state that the total income (paid and deferred) is considered when calculating AMT?

Vern E. Nay

Please show me the IRS statute that says I must file federal income tax.

debra j allen

i am disabled, my son filed me on 2009 taxes but in 2008 , am i still elgible for one time 250 dollars that Obama put it action?


I'm with you Vern. There isn't one, and they don't want you to know that.



So I just read the new tax laws for 2011. It says the child credit went from 1000 to 500. Also, that we will lose our married credit when filing. Does anyone know if that will affect our 2011 return ?


I pay $441.28 monthly for insurance premium at my current job for me and my son. How much of that money is tax deductible? Can I also deduct my copays and prescriptions?


Why does this say there is a 2010 refund estimator, but the link only leads to a 2009 estimator??


your medical insurance premiums that get deducted from your paychecks should be coming out before taxes. Thus, your taxable income should be lowered already. Doublecheck with a professional, of course, but as I understand it, that's the norm.


Yes, there is no where it says that federal taxes has to be filed!! Research people research, yet and still every american is made to file each year and if we do not--well we all know! The government is going to hell in gasoline underwear!

Tom Scott

Hey love the site!

chakita jackson

i made 16,000 for the year of 2010 can i get an estimate of my tax return



Tonya Newcomb

I am a single mother and made less than 10,000.00 I have a 10 year old daughter to claimand my ex husband alternates our 2 year old and this year he claims her. I dont know what I may get. I am sick at this time and during this year.


I'm going to ask the same question that Christina did back in August. Did the child credit go from 1000 to 500 this year? Also, that we will lose our married credit when filing. Does anyone know if that will affect our 2011 return ?

Roberta Harper

I have a daughter that was 16 years old all year, full time studant and did not work. She turned 17 Dec 22. 9 days before the end of the year and your trying to say I can not claim her for EIC.
OBAMA I dont think he did nothing for the low income. I was for you but I hope your not re-elected. People depend and look forward to their income taxes every year to catch up with there bills and get out of the whole there in. Thanks for nothing


i accidently hit itemized deduction for mortgage interest, instead of standard deduction,is there any way i might get my refund b4 feb,14, or how can i fix this,i wanted the standard deduction


I would Like to know if you have 3 kids and one audlt and only made 200.00 for the year do you have to file tax and if I do can get the earned income tax for my kids.


I only got to work 3 months at Buffalo's Cafe this year and made less than 2,500. but I have a 5 year old daughter and I am a single mother. So do I get to claim her on my taxes or should I even file taxes this year.


I left my husband in August and the divorce was finaled in Novemember. I need to find out how I can get my credit for the 8 months that I helped pay on the mortgage. Any thoughts?


Jessica, who gets to write off what must have been put into the divorce decree. Read the decree or seek an interpretation from the Legal Aid foundation as to what it says. Did you divide the house; your percentage split could be a common-sense guide to use for the percentage of write-off amount too.

william judge

i am self employed,made 15,000 and didnt pay anything all year.i am claiming one much will i get back?

misty bridges

i lost my job in 2009 and have been on unemployment since can i claim my 1yr old and my 3yr old even if i didnt have no taxes taken out ?

john diel

if you are named as the primary beneficiary on a life insurance policy, does this money belong to the estate?????

Kay Williams

I got married December 2010. I will be divorced by the end of November 2011. Two kids were born during this time. I mostly support the family and am head of household. How can I get credit for being married or should I even bother?

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