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June 09, 2011


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Larille Watkins

if I put the wrong bank information will they notify me or just mail me my refund

Irwin R. Schister

Thanks, as a preparer that worked at Block and CPA firms, I urge my friends and clients to use direct deposit and not to pay an apr of 1000% with "Rapid" products out there. The e-file and direct deposit makes those products really unnecessary if consumers are educated with this schedule.
I missed this on IRS.gov, usually they post it. Unfortunately do to so much fraud, I am hoping that the IRS will continue to do this in the future, without significant delay due to no fault of their own. The IRS is an easy target but this is a great program and they should be applauded for turning around 300 million returns in a quick fashion. Also Government shutdown was not their fault either.


I filed my return using turbo tax, The IRS accepted it on the 28th of Jan. a few days before they were to start accepting returns, I have checked the status using the IRS website and it still says that that it is being processed, as of Feb 3rd, When can I expect my refund deposited?


I'm having the same problem. Only I used taxact as I have always used for 9 years+. My brother got his date of Thurs. Feb 6. But I don't know when to expect mine. I'm beginning to wonder if mine may be delayed due to the fruad cases in Florida.


If you put the wrong account number on your return, you need to call the IRS immediately and tell them to mail you your check. If not they will deposit it where you told them. They don't check to see if the name on the account you gave them is in your name....


My taxes were accepted on Jan 26th, and I go to irs.gov/where's my refund and it keep saying it is being processed...what is going on and when can I expect to receive my refund?


I'm really not hopeful again this year with IRS. We filed January 27th on Post. They go thru E-File. I decided to check Where's my refund on the 29th and it said it was accepted and had the Bar up top. Thursday I checked again and the Bar has been missing everyday since that day. Still processing and still no date. Nothing has changed in the last 6 years other than obvious rank blah blah blah. Last year it took 2 1/2 months before we got ours back. So yeah, I'm not too hopeful. Needless to say, one of my niece's already got a date for tomorrow February 5th, 2014. I'm kind of confused though. It says "Receiving a Tax Refund...If you have opted to have your tax refund deposited into your bank account via direct deposit you can receive your money in up to five days after the return has been accepted. In some cases you may receive the money quicker it just all depends on your bank." Yet others say "Approved". So which is it??? And yes, I know stuff happens and IT IS THE IRS.... But REALLY??? They are getting worse, not better. And it's not the fact that people NEED their tax money, It's the fact that it is OUR money and we do all the right things and we shouldn't have to watch wait and wonder. The technology today, This should be going very smoothly and so much quicker.

George Bush

Most of the problems are user error/stupid people that don't comprehend basic English. But they think they are smart. It's funny when they type the answer to their own questions and have no clue or are just completely ignorant to things going on in the World and blame people that have nothing to do with the real problem. Keep up the great posts!


Please check the IRS website, there is no "refund chart" this year, it can be deposited @ any day up to 21 days. Best thing to do is go to irs.gov website, "where's my refund" and be patient.


If there is no refund chart on irs.gov website, then where did the person get the chart above? I did not see a refund chart on irs.gov either.


the refund chart above was a guess and done in June of last year. IRS decided not to do a chart this year and just saw should be within 21 days.


I had an error with one of my children ssn. But I fixed it now. How long do u think that will delay me receiving my returns


The Irs only updates the site once a week on Wednesday, for "Wheres my refund"
The irs only makes two deposits per week, once would be for all filers who has chosen
Direct deposit, and one day is used to mail out checks.

Direct deposit users if you submitted a bank acct no# that
Isnt associated with you. The irs will not deposit money into
Account provided, you will not have to contact the its, they
Will automatically send out a paper check to your address
Which can take up to three weeks before receiving.

The refund chart is provided on their website: irs.gov

Please remember they don't update the site throughout the
Day, its only updated on Wednesday.

Hope this information helps...


This is SO not accurate! My husband and I filed and were accepted on 1/31 and we're STILL waiting! We don't even have a deposit date yet. It says it's still being processed and that a refund date will be provided once available. I've been following the Turbo Tax forum and TONS of people are in the same boat. This schedule is total crap!


Have anyone received there taxes yet...on there scheduled date


I received mine on the date that was stated on IRS.gov. However, my dad, sister and boyfriend's taxes have all been held up. We finally received information that they are auditing more this year before issuing refunds as opposed to issuing refunds and then auditing the filings. My dad and sister have to provide additional documentation before they will receive their refund. My boyfriend still does not know why they have held his. Good luck everyone!


I did my taxes on the 31 of January and it was accepted 2/08. I had on bar on the where's my refund site when I want back nothing is on there just say being processed what's going on


Tons of problems this year. I have been following all blogs, discussions, forums... I was accepted 1/28. Nearly 3 weeks later no progress on wmr, no deposit, nothing.


I filed 1/29, they were accepted on 2/2 and I've been stuck in processing ever since with no DD date yet. I called the IRS and was told that I needed to allow 21 days from 2/2 for it to process and there were no obvious problems with my return. Well needless to say I'm not very happy with H&R block home edition.


I filed my taxes on 1/31 the same day as my brother and he has received his taxes and I'm still waiting on mines. When I look on the "where's my refund" site it says still in processing but it doesn't have the bar anymore.


I filed on 2/4 it says direct deposit on 2/20. what about checks?


I filed February, 5th. And when I check the irs.gov website. It says refund received.smh


The banks are to blame too. They insist on holding our funds for 5 days gain Interest and create more fiat currency. Citibank prepaid card reps can't tell you if you have a pending deposit. Its really frustrating really. My DDD was for 02/18/14. Two days and still nothing no deposit yet. Citibank is starting to piss me off. To the point where I will no longer do business with them. Its a joke really whole bunch of middle Easterners using Christian names. Is David Yer real name Kumar?

theotis splunge

have anyone filed on Mar 31 and got they refund back yet or a refund date t

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